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5 Socially Distant Ways To Celebrate Halloween

5 Socially Distant Ways To Celebrate Halloween

Due to Covid Halloween is looking a little different this year. Many communities aren't doing the traditional trick-or-treating. Check out the list below for some socially distant ways to celebrate Halloween!

1. Boo Bags! A Halloween boo is a little gift or treat left anonymously by a friend or neighbor...Once you've been boo'd, it's your turn to boo someone else. Check out Alpha Mom for a complete list of how to create a boo bag and have some fun!

2. Reverse Trick-or-Treating - Fill small bags with your favorite halloween candy or treat, labeled with your name, and drop them off in your friends mailboxes or doorsteps the night of Halloween.

3. Halloween Piñata - Have the kiddos dress up in their costumes and work together to break open the piñata filled with candy and treats!

4. Halloween Candy Hunt - Much like an easter egg hunt, you can hide candy in small bags, with glow sticks throughout your yard. Wait til dark and then have a spooky candy hunt!

5. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - This one is for the older kids. Have groups of kids together and send them out with cell phones to capture the images listed on the halloween scavenger hunt. Check out One Mama's Daily Drama for more instructions and a good scavenger hunt list to use.

Wishing everyone a happy and spooky Halloween!

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