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Why do I need a home inspection and what to expect?

A home inspection usually occurs after the sales contract has been signed by both parties and between the contractual time that has been given. The cost of the inspection varies based on the size of the home. No matter what home you buy or who you work with it is essential that you have a home inspection. No one wants to move into a home with unknown issues.

A home inspection contingency allows the buyer time to inspect the home with a professional to find any defects. It gives the buyer an opportunity to request repairs/money from the seller to address the issues within the home (for example plumbing, electrical, structural, etc problems), or withdraw from the contract if there is no meeting of the minds. Depending on the size of the home the inspection should take 2-4 hours.

The standard home inspector’s report will cover the condition of the home’s:

  • Heating and central air conditioning system (HVAC)

  • Interior plumbing

  • Electrical systems

  • Roof, attic and visible insulation

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors

  • Windows and doors

  • Foundation, basement and structural components.

  • Appliances and water heater

Click the image below to take a virtual home inspection tour straight from the American Society of Home Inspectors which will give you detailed information on what to look for during a home inspection.

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