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Has your home tax assessment increased?🏡

Has your home tax assessment increased?🏡 The 2022 Loudoun County property tax assessments are posted, my home’s assessed value is up by $100,000 since last year’s annual assessment! You can check the county tax assessment website if you are curious to know your new assessed value. At (It’s good ...

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Well I blinked and now it’s October….

About September… Well I blinked and now it’s October . I’ll admit September was a bit of a crazy month. My son got Covid and strep throat (at the same time). He is completely fine now and back at school, but having a sick kid at home for 2 weeks ...

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June is National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month. Owning your home is an awesome feeling. Let’s talk about some of the benefits! Tax Benefits – always talk with your accountant Equity Builder – your equity is the difference between what you can sell it for and what you owe. Your equity grows as ...

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