June is National Homeownership Month

June 8, 2021

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June is National Homeownership Month. Owning your home is an awesome feeling. Let’s talk about some of the benefits!

  • Tax Benefits – always talk with your accountant
  • Equity Builder – your equity is the difference between what you can sell it for and what you owe. Your equity grows as you pay down your mortgage and home prices increase
  • Stable monthly payments – a fixed-rate mortgage means you’ll pay the same monthly amount for principal and interest until the mortgage is paid off. Rent usually goes up every year by 3% or more.
  • Stability – People tend to stay longer in a home they buy, if only because buying, selling and moving frequently is difficult. Plus if you’re renting the owner can decide to sell.
  • Decorate the way you want – do you like purple walls? Then paint away!

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