Moving Check List and Creative Packing Ideas

May 3, 2019


Moving Check List and Creative Packing Ideas

You’ve bought a house and now you need to PACK. Although this is not a fun task, it gives you the opportunity to go through items you no longer need/want and donate. Below is a helpful checklist to get you started and some creative packing ideas!

  • Schedule movers or reserve a truck rental

  • Sort/purge process – clean out closets, cabinets, basement, etc. If there is a local or neighborhood yard sale you can participate or donate to a local charity

  • Contact new school (s) and make sure you have everything needed to get your children registered (If applicable)

  • If moving into/out of an apartment, schedule the freight elevator with the management company

  • Fill out the change-of-address form online with the post office

  • Change address on bills, magazines, etc

  • Call all utilities, cable, internet, etc. and cancel or move service effective settlement date (or when your new lease starts). You can see a list of local utilities and contact info here

  • Schedule someone to clean the house (If needed)

  • Pack room by room so you don’t get overwhelmed. Be sure to label what room the box goes to/contents. You can even color code them!

  • Make arrangements for kids (and pets) on moving day (If applicable)

  • Be sure to pack a “first night” box so that you have the necessities needed – label the box so you’re not trying to find it!

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