How do I remain competitive in a buyers market when I have to sell a home too?

March 5, 2021

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Last week I attended a great class with my team hosted by Jackie Fields with Atlantic Coast Mortgage.

In this market it is tough to win a contract. Some clients are writing 4,5,6,7 offers before getting a winning contract. With inventory so low there are only so many homes for buyers to choose from. If you add on the fact you have a home to sell in order to buy it makes it even harder to become the winning contract.

There are several options where a purchaser can purchase a home (before their current home has settled). Giving you, the buyer, an edge and the ability to compete in this market.

These options include:

✨Bridge Loan
✨Home Equity Line of Credit
✨Loan Against 401k or an Investment Account
✨Temporary Withdrawal from Retirement Account
✨Gift Funds
✨Combo Loan (Piggyback)/Recasting

If you’d like to see if one of these options will work for you, give me a call/text/DM so I can connect you with Jackie! Call me! 703-785-8203